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i followed the pied piper of hamelin..

new blog. because this one has gotten stale.

What i LOVE about the large apple.

  • The Yankees
  • Cab drivers with no less than 6 syllables in their last name
  • Your Bagel is cheaper than your OJ
  • Seeing kids that are growing up in nyc
  • Everyone fits in, in Manhattan
  • New Yorker Squirrels
  • MoMa
  • When you think about what NY would have been like back in the day
  • The music
  • The adventures that are possible
  • NOT eating pretzels
  • Free summer plays in the park
  • Rude people
  • Kind people
  • Crazy people
  • Times square
  • Watching ‘Sex + the City’ get filmed in Chelsea
  • Black Coffee
  • The smell of Manhattan in summer
  • Snow
  • Randomly feeling like you’re heading to Sesame St
  • Teeensy Apartments
  • Waking early
  • The Shopping
  • Always eating out
  • Pretending to be Holly Golightly
  • New Yorker attitude
  • Finding little shops tucked away
  • NYC library
  • Old buildings next to new ones
  • Cool parking lots
  • The excitement + happiness of being in New York.

I will miss you.

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i love foxes.

in a BIG way


(Thanks, Belgische!)

oh i would like one.
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